About Us: two faces of painton Studios

ONE, Artwork: What began in 1978 as one man and a drawing board has blossomed into a dynamic design studio populated by the finest graphic artists in the world. Not to mention the same old man and his drawing board, a throwback to the days of T-Squares, M-Dashes, K-Cars and F-Troops. The point is that Painton people have a wide range of experience and abilities. We're here to help meet your print deadlines with a flair of creativity and professionalism. You supply the idea, we'll supply the document which expresses your idea to your client in a way you never thought possible. Need ideas? Tap into the Painton Studios Think Tank, and we'll handle your project from conception to completion.


FACE TWO, Printing: Painton Studios offers state-of-the-art printing services, giving wings to the wonderful documents we (or YOU) create. Our full-color digital printing puts lesser known shops like STAPLES and KINKOS to shame. Not only can we beat their prices (our personnel would rather work than eat), but that old man with the drawing board makes absolutely CERTAIN that the quality you get is the same quality that he would have demanded from high-end printers in the prehistoric, pre-digital days (five years ago). Actually, our friends at Elwood Studio just reminded us that we have a THIRD FACE, not quite as good-looking as the faces of Painton Studios, but just as functional. We are pleased to offer web design and hosting via our semi-handsome partner Paul Elwood. Paul and his studio have been on the cutting edge of web wizardry since webbery began.

If you're looking for a low cost, high quality print, web and graphic source, you'll find that Painton Studios delivers sophisticated solutions to your presentation, online and printing needs.