We Know Design

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Chances are, we were into graphic design when you were still scribbling in kindergarten. Remember how your parents and teachers praised those early works of art? Ask your mom to dig up one of those masterpieces, and you'll want to laugh (or cringe). They make early cave drawings look like Norman Rockwells. What were you thinking? What's up with all those stick figures and lollipop heads?

OK, you were six years old. NOW what's your excuse?

Our point is this, Rembrandt. We realize that graphic design is not everyone's specialty. That's why we're here. Painton Studios has been creating commercial artwork long before you traded your crayons for an iMac. So put your trust in us.

Please understand that our tongues are planted firmly in our cheeks. Many of our clients are talented designers... but some, well... just THINK they're designers. I'll just say two words: Microsoft Publisher. There, I've said it. If "Publisher" is your weapon of choice, then you need our help in the graphic design department.