POD (Print on Demand)

Our Short Run Printing Service will complete your small production runs faster and less expensively than conventional printing. Utilizing sizzling fast, high-end technology and secret, arcane knowledge gleaned from the teachings of a young swami named Gordon, we offer solutions to make the shortest runs possible with superior quality, fast turnaround times, and awesome cost savings, effendi.

Short-run printing: what is it?
For us "short run" means  a print run of 2000 and less. On-Demand Printing is printing on an as-needed or when-needed basis – whether you have an event deadline that won't move, or you need your materials ASAP, Painton Studios can help. Use our Short run services for:

• manuals, product catalogs, newsletters  
• Market tests
• Direct Mailers
• Coupons
• Business cards 
• Proposals
• Presentations  
• Sales Kits
• Personalized Marketing

Customize your brochure or sales material directly to your target market. We can personalize a sales sheet with a target prospect's name and contact info, making the presentation that much more powerful.

The Technology
We utilize state-of-the-art equipment designed to provide the best performance for Short Run and Print On Demand.

Oh, by the way — the yearbook cover featured here was designed and produced by our in-house art staff. Creative design is what we're all about, whether it's from scratch or from a concept provided by you. We're executioners — here to execute your ideas and then kill you with our prices. You'll fall over because WE'RE SO REASONABLE!!!