Ad Books

Ad Books: attractive, low cost revenue builders for your group's event. Contact us for samples & pricing.


Announcements: beautiful keepsakes of your important dates, classic designs and meticulous attention to detail. Our design staff collectively has 238 years of experience, creating the kind of work that your special day deserves.  These aren't out-of-the-book stock announcements:  these are customized masterpieces which say YOU!!! in a charming way; beautifully handcrafted, individualized missives, as ornate or as simple as the person who sends them. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Confirmations, to name a few. Contact us for details.


Annual Reports

Annual Reports: Elegant, polished reflections of your company's success — printed on a shoestring. (Or paper.)

Looks: Great! 

Cost: not so much.


Black and White Copies

Black & White Copies: when you just need reproductions, call Painton Studios. We're talking down and dirty here. Let us show you how we blow Kinko's and Staples out of the water.  But as dirty and/or down as your requirements are, we'll still give them the same brilliant attention to detail which has been our hallmark.

We're Kinko's with a Brain... Staples on Steroids.


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