Invoices: custom multi-invoices, call for pricing. Of course, your own invoice is always provided free of charge, with extras (see above for a modification of Deb's invitation curse)


While Painton Studios cannot under any circumstances condone the use of labels oh wait a minute sorry, strike that. We do condone the use of labels. We want you to use labels, lots  and lots of them. All different kinds. Except the kind you get in 3rd grade that sticks with you through college, and then after you get married and have kids and invite one of your stupid college buddies over for a stupid barbeque and the *&^*&^%#@!#@1 thinks it's funny to tell your stupid teenager.... what was I saying? Oh yes, we have labels, call for pricing. I'm so tired right now. 

large format print

Posters and Banners 'R' Us... We've devoted 30,000 square feet of our corporate headquarters to state-of-the-art large format printing. Call for the best prices around. (Not responsible for typographic errors such as extra zero's.)


Enhance your correspondence with a unique letterhead. Painton Design Shop will work to your design or create one for you.  Ask about our e-letterhead, a matching digital template for your email client. Tres chiq!

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