Image manipulation

They say that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but we've been doing it successfully for our clients for over 65 years. Contact the Painton Think Tank for more information on retouching, scanning, color correction and more. "You'll look maaaaahvelous!"  At least your photo will.


2540 dpi Film (remember that?)
Letter 22.00/sheet, Legal 25.00/sheet, Tabloid 35.00/sheet

Blah blah blah blah blah.

Who else makes Linotronic negatives anymore? Believe it or not, WE do. Our prices are competitive, because these days... we only compete with ourselves.

Call for info and prices on other sizes.


Local Delivery

As part of our goal to make computer graphics and imaging easy we offer a local delivery service. Our driver is available for a combination pickup/delivery at your convenience for a charge of $10. Now you can have your imaging done fast without ever leaving the office. Our driver, Joan "da terminader" Painton, also does wet work for the CIA in her free time, so if you need both a delivery and a contract hit, see Joan for details. 

Messenger available at competitive rates, but it has to look like an accident.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition

We dont know if you can blame our genes, or that fact that the painton studios corporate headquarters sit precariously on the edge of one of NJ's last superfund sites, but everyone here has at least one lazy eye- which prompted us to buy some really high end Optical Character recognition software. Digitizing your printed materials has never been easier! Contact us about creating editable digital files from your printed materials.

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